my focus has shifted from photography and painting to crafting over the last four years. my etsy store, amberbrownmakesart, has been my constant source of creative output. additionally, I have been selling my felty creations in stores in Chicago, Philadelphia and Indianapolis. you can follow me on facebook and twitter, or email me to introduce yourself. i'm very interested in meeting like-minded local crafters and artists who are eager to get their art out of their bodies and into the world.

i'm thankful to have this life and remain hopeful for the future, which may or may not include the city of portland, oregon.

-ab, 05.31.13


there are so many things, people and places that have inspired me...

today i would like to thank; grandad and grandma norah for always letting me look at their old photographs, my cousin jennifer who gave me my first camera (i still have that hideous teal vivitar), mom for always encouraging me with kind words and money for all those times i couldn't afford to develop my film, shawna for always posing, casey and libby for making me feel like my artwork was worth sharing, rory for being awesome and of course, mr. sullivan j. cat for being so damn photogenic. lastly, i would like to thank the city of portland for giving me something to look forward to.

-ab, 10.29.09